About Xenon

Xenon is an Amsterdam volleybal club, founded in 1964 by some friends. Our home base is the Hogendorphal in the Staatsliedenbuurt close to the Westerpark. We have both men's and women's teams, 5 teams play competion, and we have a practice for non-competion playing members. After three trial practices the Technical Committee decides in which team new members fit best. 

After the training, there is an opportunity to enjoy the cozy bar with a sports drink or a beer. New members always get a welcome drink from Dirk the bartender.

We are open to new people and you will quickly integrate into our sporty community. We try to make new members feel at home with us. Our activities committee organizes at least once a year a party, usually preceded by a sporting event.

It is not a problem if you don't speak Dutch. Plenty of our members speak English and can translate for you and you will learn all the volleyball expressions soon enough. Becoming a member of our club is actually a great way to learn to improve your Dutch.
Sportcentrum Van Hogendorphal
Van Hogendorpstraat 921
1051 CE Amsterdam

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